voltage in readout wrong

When i put a freshly charged battery in my iris + it reads 11.9 volts in droidplanner and on my minimosd. Now i know voltage sag happens but this isnt even armed. Any ideas? In mission planner i have the 3dr 4 in 1 esc power module selected with 5200mah for the batts im using.Any help would be awesome.

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  • I have seen this exact same improper voltage reading in Droidplanner 2. It only happens when I change the battery without shutting down and restarting droidplanner. This may not be your issue but I'll describe below how it happens to me. The multiplier of 12.02 should not be that far off (600 to 700 millivolts)

    power up copter

    connect with droidplanner and make a flight, voltage reads correct at 12.6 at beginning of flight

    end the flight, disconnect old battery, connect a freshly charged battery for next flight

    Droidplanner reconnects automatically and now voltage reads 11.9

    Shut down Droidplanner (dump from memory) 

    Restart Droidplanner and connect to Iris

    Battery voltage now reads proper at 12.5 to 12.6 volts

    Can't explain why this happens but I've seen it at least 4 times so I always shut down DP at the end of a flight and then start it back up and re-connect between flights.

    • Yeah its not that im afraid.  It shows this same reading on my minimosd which is what bothers me.  This is my cheapo fpv rig.  I just wired it up with bluetooth so i could connect my phone whenever and change parameters easily.

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    • Yeah that parameter is at 12.02. Ill fiddle with it to get it right. Its kind of silly when i first arm it and take off seeing my voltage go to 11.4 volts.

  • Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEA0Or-1n18

    • Yeah ive done this to about 4 fixed wing and 3 multis. When i select the 3dr 4 in one esc. Everything is greyed out and i cant change any values.

      Im running 3.21 if that makes a difference
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