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    Sounds like you accidentally put yourself in ESC calibration mode (booting up with the throttle high). Finish the calibration and it will return to normal. 

  • Strange! But please describe the complete sequence after you plug in the battery. Does it do this if you just connect to your computer with the USB cable, no battery installed?

    • It does the normal sound and yellow flashing light for a second or so and then the falshing red-green-blue with one long beep. The lights flash so fast it's hard to tell sequence. I did get it to connect to computer with usb. But the flight data screen just has a blue display that just looks like zooming in and out.

      When I looked at flight logs from April 10 after the very strange behavior it shows a flight at the hobby shop where I bought it. Which is quite strange. I know they flew it there, but I,ve had the iris for a couple months-never having it near the hobby shop again. I think I'll take it there nad see if they can check it out-or ( probably better ) send it back to 3dr and have them put it back as it should be. even if I could get it to arm now-I would be scared to fly it anymore. Ever since I conected to Mission Planner been having intermittent problems.



    • Hi Jeff and Jack,

      I was wondering if you ever figured this out?  I just installed a new GPS module on a mast, put in the battery and plugged in IRIS and got the same thing you got with the red, green, blue flash and a long beep.  I cannot connect to Mission Planner, Mavlink times out looking for a connection.  Thanks,


    • ESC calibration needed most likely.


    • I was planning to calibrate but how can I when I can't get the IRIS to connect to MP?  

    • are you using the little usb cable with one end blue and one end black? If so make sure the black end is plugged in your blue tooth module on the back of either your laptop or tablet. In mission planner when I have the usb cable hooked up you have to have the correct baud rate selected and com port..I just hit auto from the drop down and hit connect. Seems to work. It will time out if you dont elect the right one

    • I'm actually using the longer cable, not the one with a blue end.  I also select "Auto" and hit connect (in the past, anyway).  I looked at the steps for ESC calibration and I guess I don't need MP for that but I do need to be able to communicate with the transmitter.  Is there a way to tell if the transmitter and IRIS can see each other?

    • It's been so long I don't really remember, what the light sequence and long beep meant, but I got on the phone with 3DR tech support and they walked me through a complete reset and all the calibrations and everything was fine.

    • When I had my iris I did all the callibrations,of compass,accelerometer, radio and escs. Then everything was good.
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