What is my Iris+ setup worth?.

What do you out there think that I should ask for my total Iris+ setup.

Iris+ with 2 strobes, 3 batteries 

Minum OSD

Tarrot 2 axis gimbal set up for gopro

Stock radio with backlight

600mw 5.8 tx

2-915 MHz rx

7" diversity 5.8 monitor mounted on radio/ 1 clover leaf ant. & 1 stock.

2012 7" Nexus Monitor (the one with GPS)

Pebble time watch

This has NEVER been crashed. Way to many options for me to figure out. All was bought new per recommendations. 

Thanks for your input.


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  • No matter what you paid, the sales result will be a dissapointment today. Sell your add ons separately and be happy to get 300$ for the IRIS. Ebay is full of nice offers, e.g.


  • Well it is only going to be worth what someone is willing to pay. To give you an "idea" my Iris+ I sold for $900 with free shipping. Here is what it included.

    Iris+ 915mhz with remote
    Black Pearl FPV setup with 7" screen
    4 batteries + charger
    Tarrot 2 axis gimball
    Carring case
    4 sets of propellers
    All required accessories and tools

    Hope that gives you a guideline. You might find a local buyer, willing to pay more than selling it online. I lost almost half of my investment when I sold mine.

    If you are on mobile, might want to switch to desktop view. I included a pic of my Iris+ before it was sold last year.


    • Thanks allot............This unit is for sale for those interested.


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