• I ran a couple 1.2 km missions today, and then I had the Iris+ follow me in a car for about a mile (probably a little less). That's about as far as I was willing to push it.

    (I should clarify that I was on a dirt road on a mountain in northern VT - no other cars. Did not fly over or near any homes - because there aren't any aside my parents farm)
  • I have flown 2.5 miles but to fly more than 300m you need to disable the geofence that comes factory enable.
    • Was this with stock antennas? what equipment still had a good connection at that range (fpv video, handheld Tx, computer ground station, android follow me)? What kind of gear are you using?

    • Is there an obvious way to disable this setting in the DroidPlanner UI that I'm missing?

    • You have to use mission planner.

    • Under full parameter list you can disable geofence or extend the range of the geofence.
    • Thanks Tomas!  

    • Be carefull while trying and check your settings for rc transmitter connection loss, I suggest RTL.

    • If it does lose the rc transmitter connection won't the IRIS+ simply finish the waypoints it was provided?

    • depends how your failsafes are set up. you can have them so the iris ignores the loss of signal, and continues its mission, or when radio signal is lost triggers the RTL.

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