How the commands are sent to the servos?

I've been reading the most recent Arducopter 2.5.4 version, I cannot understand how the commands are sent to the servos/motors.

I understand that the function "set_servos_4()" is doing the job, but after that I'm lost.

An instance of the class AP_MotorsQuad is created (and called "motors") and the method "output" should use the "output_armed()" function whose definition I cannot find...

Sorry I'm a newb!



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  • michele, here can i get a c file for this code......i wanna c if i can change it according to my model???? so can u please gimme a link???? 

  • Ok I found the output_armed() function definition in AP_MotorsMatrix.cpp file.

    set_servos_4() calls motors.output();

    motors.output() (output() defined in AP_Motors.h) calls output_armed() (defined in AP_MotorsMatrix.cpp).

    I hope this helps someone like me who is lost with objects/classes/methods...

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