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vaqas afzal commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post 30km (18.6mi) Autonomous Flight!
"great!!!!!! u did it with 3dr radios??? "
Oct 26, 2013
vaqas afzal commented on Biggles's blog post APM 2.5 + X8 Wing First Flights
"Saurabh Srivastava can u please show the pin configuration for these FY-602(500mW)radios?? i have the same and i wana connect them with the apm2.0!!! a picture would be really nice if u can take that!!!!"
Oct 26, 2013
vaqas afzal replied to Saurabh Srivastava's discussion Alternate Modem for Mission Planner.
"any progress on these FY-602 radio modems??? i mean in connection with apm??/"
Oct 26, 2013
vaqas afzal replied to Perecastor's discussion Need help for uploading new firmware in air module
"same problem with me too!!!!! i dont have an ftdi cable....can i do it by connecting apm with remote(air) telemetry unit in PC???"
Jun 29, 2013
vaqas afzal commented on michel pet's blog post Home CNC'd quad frame
"cyborgCNC!!!! love ur quad....have u done the modifications to it???"
Jun 28, 2012
vaqas afzal replied to entropia666's discussion How the commands are sent to the servos? in Learning to program the Ardupilot Mega
"michele, here can i get a c file for this code......i wanna c if i can change it according to my model???? so can u please gimme a link???? "
May 12, 2012