Hi all,

I wonder if is possible (does it exist?) to have a document (howto) about installing APM2.5 with a single board computer working together ?.

I read intensively the thread http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/ardupilot-mega-with-ros-onboard

but it is still not clear for me how to procede. 

I´m interested on deploying a chemical sensing unit for guiding the apm, and so the copter.

thanks a lot in advance


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  • Gabriel,

    It is indeed possible to use a SBC to pass high level commands to an ardupilot. All you'll have to do is teach the SBC mavlink so they can communicate. While I do not know of any step-by-step guides that can do this, mavproxy is a great way to get started. If you're comfortable working in python you can pretty easily bend it to suit your needs.

    As far as getting ROS running, there's a great deal of documentation on that. If you can run Ubuntu 12.04 on your SBC it'll be very straight forward.

    If you get stuck anywhere just let me know. Any problems you run into are probably things I've already solved.

    Best of luck,


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