Microsoft Visual and new ArduPlane code


I do work a lot with Visual Studio its a great tool for C++.

Until the version 2.68 of arduplane I could compile and upload the code directly from Visual Studio. But now as we need to use the Arduino 1.0.3 Visual Studio can't compile it anymore probably due to the "HAL Board" menu in Arduino 1.0.3.

Does someone use Visual Studio as well and did someone have it working with the new code?



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  • Hey Andy!

    I am just starting to program Ardupilot (Pichawk), and I'm looking for the most convenient IDE. Now I use Eclipse, but I can't run debugging there. Is there actually a possibility to debug the code? 


  • Oh wow!!! This is just what I needed, works like a charm, plus the nice multiple IDE support means I can work on my maple/fubarino from VS. Cheers guys

  • I'm soooo glad I stumbled across this finally.  I basically gave up on using VS and visual micro in early May because I thought I had screwed up something.

  • Yes 2.9 and 3.0 are building well thanks to some help from Greg Brill

    There are some Visual Micro APM docs here

    You will also see that the SITL build works well in Visual Studio (or Atmel Studio). When building SITL you will see a windows console application start instead of the usual upload to the Arduino

    Any problems please join the forum and let us know, we are exchanging posts with Jean and will help get that config right :)

    Thanks for all your support, Tim aka Visual Micro

  • haha got it working!!!!!


    OK for those who already worked with Visual Micro do following:

    Download this fiel:

    Put it into your sketch folder so where the ArduPlane or ArduCopter code is stored. So the "hardware" folder from the zip file is in the same folder as the folder from Arduplane and Arducopter. Hope you get it.

    Restart Visual Studio and go to Tools -> Arduino -> Reload Tool Chain

    Now you can Choose the Arduino Mega 2560 HAL APM2 board from the board list menu (scroll to the bottom its down there)

    And now it does compile!!!!


    Hope this helps.



  • Hi Andy
    Agreed, there should be a way to work around.

    Monroe, that's what the question is about. We noticed that it is not compatible, how do we get it to work with micro.

    Vs makes the code much more readable and allows easy navigation between the units. If there is any way to restore vs compatibility, it would be great.
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