• Hello sir, if u kindly send me your codes and design of attaching this sensors coz i am working in such project too.

  • Hey Dan, we followed the same approach , controlling the drone using sum ppm signals.

    Love your sensor array! Do you not find that the sonar's interfere with each other and only one can be ranged at any one time? We automatically range our sonars one after the other and found that at 4m the ping time is about 50ms which can slow down everything quite a lot.

    We also found that with all of the propwash and frame noise, the maxbotic sonar sensor rated at 7m is only effective up to about 2m . did you find the same?

    • You can pulse more then one (we pulsed 4), and prop wash given the above example was no issue.

      However the program that managed noise vs true signal, with PWM control, and comm's, went beyond a Arduino. We use a Windows CE board now, because it is easy to program, stupid fast, and I don't need to look at Linux doc's for a week just to do something simple :)

      Sonic is a good start, but it has limits. We used TOF camera's now, much like what Intel made public recently, only ours is a real product, not just a demo.

  • I am currently working on this. First implementation for 4 sensors(front,back,right,left) is done, hardware is set up. I am right now looking for a safe way of testing this (At the moment I am trying to get a simulation working), because I am afraid of testing in RL with my copter...

  • I would love to get this working.

    That said, I would really love to get it working using video. Maybe OpenCV? But, I am sure Sonar would work just fine, I'm just personally interested in computer vision and analyzing live video on the fly.

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