Programming the MPU6000 in APM2.5


I am using the APM2.5 board , and i am trying to build a quadcopter, and i am trying to run the MPU6000's code in an arduino project to understand the code , but i am not able to run the code a mean to compile the code actually , then i have to upload it to AMP2.5 and learn what it does and then i will try to write if i can , some one can sujest me how can i use this code in my any project , 

i have tried to do it , but the code does not compile and say


In file included from AP_Common.cpp:16:
/AP_Common.h:37:34: error: c++.h: No such file or directory


can some one tell me how can i run the code , i am using windows 7 and arduino 1.0.2

i am quite new to all of this , so i dont understand much of the things 

please kindly help me in this , i shall be very thankful

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  • I think you are missing with the arducopter libraries in your arduino environment.

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