User Code and User Varibales

This is an open call to any one who has been able to get code working using the user code hooks. HELP!i am trying to get a simple script running that sets pin8 high when its hits a waypoint. i know where i need to call the script and i know where it needs to be placed but im falling down at how to get the APM_config.h working with the UserCode and the UserVaribales.In APM_Config i have:#define CAMERA_TRIGGER_ON_WAYPOINT camera_trigger_on_waypoint();#define CAMERA_TRIGGER 1#define CAMERA_PIN 8#define pinMode(CAMERA_PIN,OUTPUT):then in UserCode i have:#ifdef CAMERA_TRIGGER_ON_WAYPOINTvoid camera_trigger_on_waypoint(){digitalWrite(CAMERA_PIN,HIGH);}#endifand in UserVariables i have#if CAMERA_TRIGGER == 1pinMode(CAMERA_PIN,OUTPUT);#endifThe error that i get is saying that digitalWrite is out of scope.Thanks for any help

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    • Sorry forgot to add my email to the last reply,

    • there is a UserCode.h ? i thought that there was a UserCode.pde and a UserVariables.h

      would you be able to email me the code files for your camera trigger so that i can use it as a base for mine?

      I know that its better practise to figure it all out your self but my project is due in 4 weeks and this is the last component i need before i can start the testing.



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