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Rick Calder and I have been working on a wiki for those wanting or needing to do custom code.  The wiki now is specific to Windows but doesn't need to be.  The draft right now is in one file, but may be link based later as it gets to final draft.

If you are interested in helping, attached is the file.  It has the following approximate outline:

  1. Creating your personal workspace for the code.
  2. Downloading the source files to create custom firmware.
  3. Modify the code (an example is given on how to change the motor definitions for a custom frame).
  4. Downloading the compiler.
  5. Configuring the compiler to your workspace.
  6. Verifying code.
  7. Compiling and uploading code to your multi-copter’s APM.
  8. Validating the code.
  9. Maintaining the code.

The file must be edited in Word Revision control so we can all see the proposed changes.  Please coordinate with us first on your proposed contributions (e.g., general editing, adding instructions for another operating system, adding the section on code maintenance, etc.).

Custom Arduino Code Wiki Draft.docx

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  • Hi Forrest,

    Thanks for taking the time to put something like this together- very comprehensive and helpful since it's difficult to find this information elsewhere.

    I'm working on a quad right now where I'd like to be able to be able to create my own flight mode.  I've seen a few posts about how you can modify flight modes in your APM_Config.h file based on a few parameters, but I'd like to go a little deeper and work on some of the lower level dynamics. Would you be able to direct me to a good starting point?  For instance, I know that the command_logic.pde has some definitions of flight modes and how they are selected, but then they call functions like "do_takeoff()" and "do_land()", which I assume have the actual code that really define the dynamics of those modes.  Do you know where these are defined?



  • where is the attached file?

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