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  • Hi,  sudo apt-get install python-opencv python-wxgtk python-pip python-dev   Does not seem to work .  Tried python-wxgtk2.6 and 2.8 too.   
    Error message :

    Package python-wxgtk is not available, but is referred to by another package.
    This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
    is only available from another source

    E: Package 'python-wxgtk' has no installation candidate

    Put  the following in my sources

    # wxWidgets/wxPython repository at
    deb gutsy-wx main
    deb-src gutsy-wx main

    Should I just install from source ?

  • Thank you Andrew.  And thanks for SAMBA ;-)

  • Developer


    You might like to look at mp_slipmap, which is a python class in MAVProxy. I wrote it when I had the same issue while writing MAVProxy.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • Hi,  About a year ago, I read a post about how to contribute .   Not knowing where to start, I decided to write my one code.   I am building a pooltest.png boat.   It uses the Raspberry Pi, TDMA radio, Gstreamer.  Designed my owned my own hardware also.  Been using Linux since the late 1990's and prefer Debian.   I am trying to implement a GIS map so I can track the drone for long distances.  Been looking at Leaflet, but having trouble getting my head around it.  Used Georserver before, but it is too heavy.  Cam across Gnome Maps on Debian, but there is not much documentation.   I want to use GISmaps , GeoTiffs you can by  various government land offices.  Looking for an alternative to Geoserver and a simple map viewer that I can send UDP packets to using Python if possible.   I prefer using Python for ground control station and C for the vehicle.    Any ideas will be appreciated.   Thank you !

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Ubuntu drones

I'm delighted to introduce Erle-Copter Ubuntu special edition as the first drone running APM natively in Linux and powered by the new release of Canonical: Ubuntu Core. There's an operations manual available and the first apps in the store are starting to show.The drone will start shipping by the end of May.

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