Hey all,

In order to assist with planning flying meets, it might be useful if we could just note where we are.  If you're not comfortable putting the suburb, even just a vague location would be handy.  E.g., South-east.

Cheers, David.

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  • Live: Balwyn

    Fly: Gladysdale (near Powelltown)

  • Spotswood :)

  • Live: South Yarra

    Work: Yarraville 

  • I think Sth East would be great. Planning it in local parks on a week by week basis, may be an issue as local councils love to charge for use of the grounds/parks, so it might be an idea to move location so it does not get up the nose of anyone? just an idea..

    I'm from Caulfield area..

  • I'm Port Melbourne and work out of Tullarmarine
  • Work: Burwood (Deakin)

    Live: Mt Waverley

    (Am happy to travel for future meetups)

  • I'm in St Kilda, work at Bundoora. Looks like lots of people here are inner city.
  • MJ - live in Briar Hill - between Boganborough (nee Greensborough) and Eltham.  work in Heidelberg.

  • Live: Doreen

    Work: Richmond

  • Moderator

    Inner south.

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