• I'm using a 9XR / OpenTX with FrSky DJT/D8RII-Plus Rx on an F550 with a Naza-M.

    Works a treat with the Naza - would probably work fine with APM too.


  • For our Quadcopter workshop we used a Turnigy 9X.  The next iteration of the workshop they're aiming to use the 9XR as its flashable out of the box and already has a backlight in the display.  Go the 9XR I reckon and hunt around for a good pair of RX and TX modules

  • H James are you talking about the Turnigy 9x? I have a transmitter 9x if you want it it's yours. I don't have any receivers anymore though as I somehow managed to fry two of them while swapping leads on a multiwii board. The transmitter itself is ok. I find that it is a bit clunky as far as navigating the menus are concerned and the setup is not as straight forward as a spektrum or futaba but I guess it does the job. The only hesitation I have in using it is the cost of the model hooked up to it because ultimately if something goes wrong not hats where it's gonna hurt. I was using it on some cheap foamie a from hobbyking but I would not stick a $1000 fpv rig on the end of it.
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