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  • Distributor

    Hi Mike,

    Yes I have one left in stock (more on the way). If you're coming to the meetup today at 4pm I can bring it with me if you want?


  • Moderator

    Ok, sounds like there's a time and place. (:  Just so you know, the gated entrance from Alexandra Ave is locked, so enter of Chapel Street.  If you're heading away from the Yarra River, the street entrance is on your right just after Malcolm Street on your left and immediately before Quest apartments on your right.  Directly opposite Vogue apartments.  It looks like a dead end, but continue on through the gates and follow the road up.  There's plenty of parking there.

    I'll be there in a silver Golf GTI with SA licence plates.

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    16:00 at Melbourne High School is fine for me as well. Hopefully see you all there. Cheers
  • I'll be there! Even if we can't fly due to weather we can at least put faces to names and have a yarn.
    Cheers Byron 0431104916
  • Moderator

    Well, there's 4 of us, maybe 5 with Tim.  So how about we try for tomorrow afternoon say 16:00? [depending on weather - this is Melbourne after all].

    Next would be location - I have Melbourne High School near me which should be free [it normally is], but if anyone has a better suggestion, i'm all ears.

  • Good evening all. I would love to catch up and meet for a fly over the weekend.
    Cheers Byron
  • Ahh G'day Dave (et al),

    Good to see you here - wondering whether you might have hard case for APM2 with pins out the top in stock.

    Have earnt my FPV wings over the break and need to put the Shamewheel on a diet. The 'lunch box' I'm currently using as a protective case is too heavy and using valuable real estate.

    Let us know details of flight - will see what I can do if on Satdy..  0407 852 355.


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    Hi Guys,


    I run Bask Aerospace here in Melbourne. I joined this group about a week ago to see who is flying around our wonderful city and also to start getting more involved with local hobbyists. If you do end up flying this weekend and don't mind another tag along, I'd love to come down and meet you guys and see what systems you're flying.


    Just to add to the prop spinner chat, we have also had some major crashes due to the poor design of these spinners. Our solution was to go with what's known as a "prop saver" (see below). You may have already heard of them. We have been running them on our test quad for over 6 months and haven't had a problem yet.



    Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you and possibly meeting you this weekend.


  • Moderator

    See, if you're beating your head against the computer maybe that is a good reason TO GO flying. (:

    I'll PM you my mobile number.  If the weather holds and you feel like it, give me a buzz. (:

  • I'm quite tempted, as the wife and kids are away for the weekend... but two factors weighing against it are: (1) crappy weather forecast with morning rain and afternoon strong(ish) winds both days; and, (2) I have a conference paper deadline in under two weeks and I'm beating my head against my computer to solve some problems with my data generation... which will probably have me working all weekend.

    I might have to pass this weekend, but would be happy to try next weekend (if you're in town, the weather is good and I have this paper finished).

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