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  • Hey guys, I joined the group last month and haven't said hi yet — so, Hi all!

    I'm keen to get along to a meetup and see what everyone is working on. I'm located in Richmond.

    — Ivan

  • Developer

    i can do any day, mon to thru after 5 pm. as i have no other plans at the moment.

  • So just a quick query, since we've basically tripled the groups membership in a week...

    (1) Where is everyone located?


    (2) How many are interested in joining in with our meetups?

  • I guess the timing is best coordinated around when MO is available.


  • If it's an evening then Tuesday would be okay for me... it's only a problem during the daytime.

  • Distributor

    Hi Everyone,

    We'd be more than happy to host a meeting here next week. @Michael O - It would be great to meet you and any other new people in this group. I will need to organise exactly what day (I've already crossed off Tuesday for Tim) and I'll let you all know over the weekend. Although this is our day job, I know most of you have "real" day jobs that come first (and when I say "real" I mean they pay the bills :) ). What time during the week suits everyone? I'm assuming sometime after 5pm? And are people just interested in meeting up and having a look at our factory or should I organise a local flying spot as well?

    Looking forward to it already!


  • The 10th of Feb looks great and is in the diary!

  • Moderator

    @ Michael O - would love to catch up.  Like the others have said, if it's all good with Dave S, then BASK could be a good spot.  Otherwise, if you have a few spare minutes during the day and you're in the city, let me know and we can catch up for a coffee.  I wouldn't mind talking to you about some of the dev work too actually.

    @Tim - it's amazing isn't it...  A little activity and PR and things go a long way. (:  There are quite a few Melbourne people on the site, so it would be good to see what other cool things we can uncover.

  • Wow... we've nearly doubled the group membership in a week! There must be something about actually being active that is attractive to others! ;)

  • Depending on day/time I might be able to join in... I'll second a vote for making it a visit to Bask... Tuesday is out for me, but other than that, I'm good for most days/times.

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