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  • Moderator

    Ah, MJ...  After having a bit of time to check it out, Matt was spot on with his question.  You set a mode as auto (sorry, I was in the middle of cooking dinner when trying to check this out), but the logs don't reflect that you actually went into that mode. 

    If you're talking about the dizzy flight thing that I had at Deakin, then being in loiter mode (like I was) would explain that.

    Are you sure these are the right logs?  I can see in the logs that you started up in Stabilise, went to Loiter and then back to Stabilise.

  • Moderator

    Matt, have a look at the log, the flight goes into auto mode and is the same number as the kmz file.  Could just be a MJ issue (; but will go through the log in a little bit.

  • 174 log file.log

    and this be the log file (rather than GE file).


  • Michael for one thing that flight never went into auto.  Are you sure that's the kmz associated with your problem?

  • Moderator

    Sorry to hear that mate and it's an interesting shape on google earth.  Lol.  Can I ask how many satellites you had when you first started to take off?  Did you ensure that you had GPSLock?  There's a few things I changed from the default 2.9.1 build.

    1. LIM_GPSLCK_ON - set to enable

    2. LIM_GPSLCK_REQ - set to enable

    3. Changes the Waypoint speed from 5m/s to 2m/s.

    Before my auto missions, I also let it sit there a minute or two to make sure it's happy.  So, connect battery, walk to my spot, connect telemetry, double check settings, check waypoints, check flight modes and then arm to take off. 

    As for the logs, shoot them through and i'll have a look - see what I can see.

  • Hi Crew,

    Anyone know how to interpret the log files to problem solve some significant issues during autonomous flight.

    I prepared several basic routines and in each case the machine did not follow the path in any way shape or form.

    Pretty disappointing given that I had just fitted a Ublox gps.

    Tried with compass enabled and disabled. Auto-declination for compass was enabled. Have mounted the board on ear buds to reduce vibration - so reckon that I'm not doing much wrong. But actual flight did not resemble programmed flight at all.

    Might be a question best directed to Mike Oborne but the flights were certainly a challenger to Dave's Deakin Dizzy.

    I was very impressed with the landing flight mode!



  • @Byron: Perhaps my comment wasn't well presented... it was intended to highlight the recent infamy gained by certain police organisations after being filmed doing "the wrong thing". It wasn't meant as a slur against all police... if it came across that way, please accept my apologies. I come from a police family (quite senior police, in fact), so I know that the majority are exemplary at their job.

    On the point about "police do have the right to ask someone to stop filming just as we all have that right"... It would be wrong to say we have a "right" to ask someone to stop what they're doing. Rights are those capacities granted to us by legislation, case law or our constitution and as far as I am aware (and here, married to a lawyer, but I don't know everything ;)  ), there's certainly nothing written that gives us such a right  (AFAIK).

  • Moderator

    @TW There are some people like that and as Byron comments they are in every profession.  The way the Police Spokesman commented on the incident was a credit to him and how the NSW Police Force are handling this incident and progressed a long way in transparency.  He almost welcomed people to video the police and commented that any police officer that thinks otherwise is wrong.  The filming was certainly not getting in the way of official police duties. 

  • Gentlemen, you may need to remember there is a member of our group who has been associated with policing for 30 years. There are persons in our society who misrepresent their profession including doctors, lawyers and taxi drivers and academics, however we don't taint the entire profession by the action of a few. Police do have the right to ask someone to stop filming just as we all have that right. They don't have the right to demand same unless the actions of that person hinders or obstructs police in the execution of their duty. If the hinder continues then the offence is complete and arrest of the offender and seizure of the equipment may follow.
  • Police do have a right to ask someone to stop filming if the act of filming obstructs them from doing their duty... just being filmed isn't sufficient though to qualify as obstruction. Unfortunately, some police, like many individuals, think they have a right not to be filmed unless they give permission. Anyone in a public space, or viewable from a public space is fair game and that includes police.

    Of course, if you're filming for commercial purposes, then you may need a filming permit... and one *could* argue that if you expect to generate any advertising revenue from posting your movie online, that your filming is indeed commercial... I'll be curious as to whether this line gets taken in the future. For now, film freely, but beware that people often do get aggressive if they think they're being filmed while they're doing something wrong (and we all know police, particularly those in NSW, are famous for doing the wrong thing!)!

This reply was deleted.

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