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    Yup - that's the fun / challenging bit. (:  Building the floating one is easy.  I am hope that I will have it ready for the 21st, but we shall see.

  • Oh wow..that's a challenge. Sounds pretty cool though!!

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    Oh I knew about them - but they're not submergible how I meant...  As in stay underwater and motor around.

  • Aquacopters beat you to it...

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    Hey guys,

    Just thought I would drop a line to let you know what I'm working on atm as there's been a bit of action lately in my R&D space.

    You probably would have seen Jake Wells' attempts to make a quad that can handle the water, well, based on some discussions that we've had, i'm attempting to make something that can also submerge, but then take off and fly away.  It's a two staged process, with the first building something that can land on water, float and then take off.  The prototype water craft casing was purchased today and the rest should hopefully be arriving this week if not early next. 

    The second thing i'm working on is a light kit for my quad.  Using some CREE LEDs Bright white for close in LoS an IR set for FPV.  I was a little disappointed to see a blog posted today about the night flying but you have to be quick in this game I guess.  The components for my LED kit arrived last Friday so now it's just a matter of assembling.

    There are some other things happening too, but can't reveal everything. (:

    Oh and something that might interest you all is that after speaking with Chris Anderson, I'm now a distributor for the 3DR gear.  Firstly because I go through so much of the stuff in my quads and design work it made sense, but secondly, when I'm out and about I do get asked where it can be purchased so just made sense.  This means that if the 3DR gear is your preferred equipment we can get a local stock of stuff and not have to wait a week or more to get the stuff in.  The idea isn't to make a profit from doing this - to be honest it was to make it easier for me and make the equipment readily available in Melbourne.  It will take a little while to get everything ramped up there, but I would love to hear what you guys go through the most and are sick of waiting to receive. (:

    For me it's things like props, collets/prop adapters (I will have a stash of eflite gear too as that's what I have found to really work), motors, ESCs are the APM itself.

    Sorry for the long post, but with daylight saving ending today it seemed I had more time to do things. (:


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    Hey all, the video and blog from our third meet is finally up.  Check it out here. (:

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    Hey all - just quickly to anyone that is coming tomorrow morning and bringing a laptop.  I suggest you bring your usb cable too.  There has been some talk about the time it takes to properly acquire your GPS location with those trying to complete the T3 'cube' challenge (which is what I will try to do tomorrow).

    I've also changed my HUD to display GPS HDOP (amongst other things) in order to hopefully see (limited I know) how accurate my GPS is at the point of take-off.

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    All good MJ.  See how you go turning off the raw sensor logging - if no luck, i'm happy to catch up sometime and help if you'd like.  I wouldn't mind talking to you about the photography stuff anyway.

  • Thanks Mat and Dave,

    I appreciate the effort - even though I may have posted the wrong log.  The  solution may be simply turning off the raw sensor logging????  Will do this and see if the machine behaves better.

    Have made some changes to the machine just before the trip in an attempt to mitigate onboard vibration - these changes have certainly changed the shape of the accel curves ( details posted here) so the raw accel logging not required now.

    Might clear the log files off the board too - make it a little easier to isolate the problems next time. sorry for confusion.


  • Michael / David,


    At data point 355 it switches to Stabilise

    At data point 4425 it switches to Loiter

    At data point 4647 it switches to Stabilise again 


    At no point was auto activated in this log


    Further Michael you've left RAW logging on.  This consumes far too much processor time to be left on.  It's useful for initial vibration testing but then should be turned off.  Your loop is running slow as a consequence 25% of the time, this will have a big impact on performance



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