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    Hey guys - so about tomorrow.  Weather is meant to turn bad late morning (funny that) so I will be heading out in the morning.  Will probably go to Williamstown again tomorrow because of the wide open spaces and the chance to see / video some cargo ships.  Thinking i'll get there around 9 or just before and see how we go.  If the weather is bad, then it could be a quick flight, or I'll play around with loiter times.

    For those celebrating Mothers' Day, I hope you have a great day.

  • Thanks Dave,

    I don't understand why this document applies only to fixed wings - note the exclusion for rotary wings. I checked the website QLD gov website but no mention of copters.

    The logical assumption is that no mention = no rules??   I'm seeing opportunities to for schools to do their own biology / physiology prac session given the wording of advertisements such as this.


    "DJI Phantom Quadcopter Aerial Rig

    The DJI Phantom incorporates ground breaking technology that will reshape the accessibility of aerial filming for the future.  The stability and nearly hands-free flight characteristics with GPS position and altitude hold will shock and amaze you.  Don’t worry if you have never flown a RC aircraft, this is so simple almost anyone can fly it! Charge the LiPo battery, mount your GoPro camera, iPhone or Android smart phone and install 4 AA battiers in the transmitter then you are ready to film - that's it - that quick!"

    Excerpt from a common camera / photographic supplier

    and similarly with comments by this bloke.


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    Hey all,

    On what's what regarding to altitude and safety etc, the Queensland government just re-released their guidelines for flying 'model aircraft'.

    It's a good read as it classifies different aircraft and their safety rating etc, but the key things are:

    • Do not fly model aircraft at a height exceeding 122 metres/400 feet above ground level (AGL).
    • It outlines the minimum activity-specific qualifications for supervisors
    • Flying areas within 3 nautical miles/5.55 kilometres of an aerodrome shall not operate model aircraft without first obtaining permits in accordance with the provisions of CASR (1998) Part 101.075.

    The guidelines are designed for education facilities, but something that should be considered by all.

  • I have the same problem with Dualsky batteries... they puff after one good charge (and this is with a cutoff charger)! However, mine are still working reliably... not sure if they'll make 100 cycles or not... will wait and see.

  • I'm not a fan of the dualskys, the 3 that I've got have all puffed up. Have been relatively nice to them in terms of charging as well.

    The turnigy nano-tech and thunderpowers are all pretty damn good by comparsion.
    Voltage drop on the dualskys now is pretty average too.

  • Moderator

    Ha!  No, unfortunately not.  I have some more dualsky's coming in, but i'm running low myself!

  • That would be excellant.

    Do you have any spare 3S lipos? I've only got one not-so-damaged one left :-p

  • Moderator

    If you're near me I'm happy to swing by a pick you up.  I fly at Melbourne High School often and then just found Williamstown - nice and open.

  • Haha yeah, I'm pretty much limited to public transport/bicycle :) I usually fly just near the MCG, but would love to find somewhere a bit more open.

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    No place specific yet.  I'm open to anywhere really.  I found some great places on my recent drive to Adelaide, but that may be a little far for some. (;

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