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    You would be great to see you again Karl. 

    It was a good morning (despite having to move twice) with some good milestones achieved by Byron and I showed how smoothly the auto missions can be with an auto take off, way point then auto land mission.  Phil showed off his trailer and James came down to say hi and see them in action.

    We also made a new recruit who happened to be walking by with his wife and dog.  It's a great thing to be involved with.

  • Finally received my APM 2.5 from jDrones, so I might come to one of the next catch ups, preferably once I get that sorted out. Otherwise I might drop down with my F450 again now that I've nearly got my FPV setup all sorted out nicely.

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    Ivan, so sorry that I didn't see your message until I was already at the site as I would have come and picked you up.  I'm hoping we can all catch up again very soon so let's see what we can do then.

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    Great! Thanks Phil. I really want to see this ground station! I'll call you once I'm close. Cheers
  • Should still be here. Haven't started yet. Moving spots as there are too many people. Call me on 0421105951
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    Hey guys, I won't be able to make it until 11:30ish. Will you still be around?
  • Ill be there. I won't be empty handed this time. Ill bring the groundstation trailer I have been working on for some show and tell. Not at all ready to fly yet but progress is going well.
  • I'd love to come along if anyone can pick me up in the CBD? I've got my drone all charged up, with fpv gear!

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    Oh whoops.  We're meeting at 9:30am.  The time may help. (:

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    Byron and I are getting together tomorrow morning at Williamstown to have a bit of a fly and chat about all things UAV.  Just throwing it out to everyone.  If you're interested in coming, please feel free. (:

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Aeronavics (Droidworx) gear

Hi guys,Just a heads up that I have just become a distributor for Aeronavics (ex Droidworx) gear and will be placing an initial order with them next week.For those that may not know, Droidworx create the heavy duty and professional gear that is very well engineered and highly functional.  So if you're looking to move from the kit copter look to something a little more professional, these would be the guys to check out.The quad frame which is compact and suitable for Point and Shoot, GoPro and…

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