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    That's a very good question Tim! (:  I need to get some bits and pieces for it and I have some more gear coming from 3dr this week so hopefully I can get it built by next weekend.

    It's been a while since i've flown a plane, but i'm sure it will come back quickly. (:

  • Whoever drew that box art has a serious problem with their projective geometry! ;)

    So... when are we going fixed-wing flying David? I *may* get some build time over this weekend, however I've got another paper to be submitted by Tuesday (before I fly to Sydney for the rest of the week). I should have my wing operational by the end of the following weekend... but won't have any (semi)autonomy until I sort out a new AP(M).

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    And looks like it's an early Christmas...



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    Well, it's an exciting time...  Looks like my Talons have arrived!

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    Hey guys - just a heads up that I will be at royal park tomorrow morning from 9am if anyone is interested.

  • Hi Marc,

    yep - no jail unless you are charged with stupidity (i.e. flying into Sydney Bridge when the navy is having a party or getting your aircraft in the way of fire fighting aircraft / personnel etc) - two recent examples of alleged stupidity that have upset various regulatory agencies. 

    Keep it safe, don't fly near or over people and you are well on the way to having fun.

    There are regulations about 'flying for reward' - essentially don't do it unless you have authorisation (a UAV operators certificate) from CASA.

    Keep it fun and keep an eye on your wallet - it will get lighter!


  • Forgive this newbie excuse, and for fear of sounding naive, what ARE the restrictions for testing/flying quad copters? Are we talking fines, jail? Its all quite incredulous...  I mean a wide open field, large outdoor space would surely be ok? Yes/no/maybe?

  • Moderator

    Nice work Tim. (: I think we are all in the same boat re space... At least you have a campus to play with.(;

  • On a different note... I went to check my mail slot  (at work) a few minutes ago and nada... I get back to my office to find a message that a parcel arrived about 30 seconds after I left... run back and...

    ... here's my new toy! Not bad for "ordered on Friday, delivered on Monday"!


    I'm fast running out of room in my office now... under the Phantom is a box with half a dozen of the new Sphero 2.0s... bottom left are the large cases containing my Nao robots... there's one of my small tank rovers on the desk... and behind the box are a few larger rovers... I need a bigger office (or a new lab)!

    Thankfully the wing is mine, not the University's... but if it flies well, who knows what I might offer for a research project next year! ;0

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    Oh, I would LOVE for there to be a closer, friendlier club close to the city.

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Aeronavics (Droidworx) gear

Hi guys,Just a heads up that I have just become a distributor for Aeronavics (ex Droidworx) gear and will be placing an initial order with them next week.For those that may not know, Droidworx create the heavy duty and professional gear that is very well engineered and highly functional.  So if you're looking to move from the kit copter look to something a little more professional, these would be the guys to check out.The quad frame which is compact and suitable for Point and Shoot, GoPro and…

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