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    Hey all,

    I'm heading back to Australia soon, so it's about time we set up another fly together. 

    How about we head out next Sunday, 2 February for a fly and catchup post Christmas / New Year. 

    For those of you interested, i'm happy to talk about my UAV research / discussion trip across Europe for the last few weeks.

    Location, well, thinking Williamstown for the scenary but open to suggestions if anyone has stumbled across a great place in the last month or so.

  • Moderator

    Ahhh, yes, I forgot about Lazy...  I remember some of his more interesting posts. (:

    Thanks for reminding me Phil, i'll reach out to him and see what happens.

  • Hi David,

    Vladimir "Lazy" Khudyakov is a member of DIYdrones and is in Poland (my home town of Warsaw). 

    Check out some of his huge amazing creations:

  • Moderator

    Hey guys - just a quick message to wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year.  Hope you all had a great time at chistmas with lots of friends, family and cheer. (:

    I've had some interesting times in Poland so far with with some 'drone operators', and has made me realise just how advanced we are in Australia.  Many stories to tell already, so looking forward to the next catchup. (:

  • Moderator

    Hey guy s- just bringing this out from the discussion for a second, but a few of us will be meeting this Saturday as a bit of a get together and potentially fly for the Xmas break.  Thinking from say 1000 Saturday morning until 1300.  If you're interested in attending (location tba), leave a note in the Xmas gathering discussion.

  • Moderator

    Hey all - just a heads up that I'll be at Deakin Uni tomorrow morning at 0830 if anyone is interested in attending.

  • Great meeting you guys, looking forward to the next meetup!

  • Moderator

    Btw - if anyone is interested in putting in an entry for the T3 challenge, let me know as that's something i'll be starting next weekend.

  • Moderator

    Gorgeous morning for it and was great to see a couple of new faces!  The wind picked up a little later in the morning, but we were able to get a number of flights in and did some altitude flying around 400ft, some auto work and just some fun in the sun.

    Hope to see some more of you next time.


  • David: I should be there tomorrow... may be a few minutes late if I sleep in (it's 1:30 am now and just heading to bed)... hopefully it'll be a calm morning wind-wise.

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Aeronavics (Droidworx) gear

Hi guys,Just a heads up that I have just become a distributor for Aeronavics (ex Droidworx) gear and will be placing an initial order with them next week.For those that may not know, Droidworx create the heavy duty and professional gear that is very well engineered and highly functional.  So if you're looking to move from the kit copter look to something a little more professional, these would be the guys to check out.The quad frame which is compact and suitable for Point and Shoot, GoPro and…

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