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My instinct is that we should always have around 40 active moderators. Some will drop off as life intrudes, so it's a good idea to add new ones from time to time.


One was is to invite them from the top rated member list. This is based on volume and popularity of posts and comments. If someone is regularily on the top of that list, it's a good sign.


Ning will be adding badges soon, so hopefully we will have other ways to recognize strong contributors, too. ("Noob Ninja"!)


Any other suggestions of ways to find good moderators?

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    Is this discussion current ? It seems no activity here for more than a year?

  • Well, it's going to heck in a hand basket.  Even I've been made a moderator. :-)

  • Moderator

    Moderators based on top rated members is a good guide to start with but I find the top rated member list to be only for 1 day which is not that usefull.  Is there a way to see top members for a longer period of time?


    I guess the best way as mentioned would be to have an application via this group, and then we can have a closer look at their profile to see if they make a friendly and regular contribution to the community.  

    As for removing moderators if we notice someone posting against the guidelines/ we could simply just make Chris aware and he could take whatever actions?  But I have not noticed any problems either, and if we add new moderators based on their history this shouldn't become an issue.

  • I think its a case of recognising repeat contributors. We all know who those people are, what we don't always know is a. If someone is already a Moderator (this group should help with that) b. If we are currently recruiting Modrators.

    Why don't we suggest individuals here based on merit?
  • Maybe we could have an application form... or a simple email format with three questions you have to answer...and maybe you should have to be active for a period of time, so you know basics on how things work and can be more efficient/effective without hand-holding...


    just ideas


    I have been away a bit as work and personal life have been busy, I hope it stops raining here and summers starts so I can get out and fly...

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