Vibration issues?

I just ordered a APM 2.0 to put on my .46 trainer. Although I am concerned about vibrations being an issue with the IMU. Is this an issue at all? I have heard of using a sample Tempur-Pedic mattress foam to isolate the APM from the airframe. Does this work?

Also, do you guys do anything to your engine mounts to dampen the vibrations? 



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  • I just Finished a few flights testing out Issues with vibration and haven't had anything terrible as far as results. I put rubber spacers from Lowe's  in between the engine mount and the firewall. I also have a mount in work using 2 pieces of balsa separated by staggered felt and rubber washers and held together with nylon nuts and bolts. I will post my results in the next week or so, depending on weather allowance. 

  • I have not yet had any major vibration issues, but  I am designing a new mount for the nitro side to eliminate any posibilities. I am in the process of getting externat vibe sensors to see if / how much interference to expect. If anyone has input from Experience or study, as always, it is very much welcome.

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