About Me:

I am a student at Texas A&M University studying Computer Engineering.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am mostly interested in ArduPlane, but that could change.


College Station, TX

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Grant West commented on Wipo's blog post Gamepad throttle mode
"You could take an even more intelligent fly-by-wire approach. In Gamepad Mode, have the "throttle" thumbstick control altitude. A centered thumbstick would result in the copter trying to maintain its current altitude. Thumbstick up would increase…"
Apr 7, 2013
Grant West commented on Christiaan van Vollenstee's blog post Building X5 FPV UAV
"I have been looking to get an X-5, but I have not found a place in the US that stocks them. Does anyone know of a US based store that sells them? I am not too keen on paying $40 for shipping."
Mar 11, 2013
Grant West commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Activists’ drone shot out of the sky for fourth time
"The best case that the "activists" have is a civil suit for property damage. The shooters are definitely not in danger of any criminal charges. The shooters were on private property where they are allowed to discharge firearms. However, I don't…"
Nov 20, 2012
Grant West commented on Archangel06's blog post NASA's Auto Ground Collision Avoidance System....
"Did the article say what sensors they used? I read it but didn't see anything that said how they were actually detecting the ground."
Aug 6, 2012
Grant West commented on Claudio Natoli's blog post iPad Ground Control Station
"Have you considered using Wifi?iPad <---> Wireless Router <---> Arduino w/ethernet shield <---> XTend RadioThis would allow you to circumvent Apple's pesky restrictions without jail breaking or special hardware. It might even allow this to make it…"
Aug 2, 2012
Grant West commented on Daniel Chapelat's blog post A new challenge for PLAYMOBIL!
"You might consider removing the horizontal stab. It may affect the airflow from the back 2 props and cause some undesirable flight characteristics. "
Jun 2, 2012
Grant West posted a discussion in Nitro-powered Arduplane User Group
I just ordered a APM 2.0 to put on my .46 trainer. Although I am concerned about vibrations being an issue with the IMU. Is this an issue at all? I have heard of using a sample Tempur-Pedic mattress foam to isolate the APM from the airframe. Does…
Apr 3, 2012