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  • hi guys, anyone tried to convert battery load into nitro level ?

  • HI

  • hi all, I'm flying my .46 nitro trainer whit the ardupilot 2.5 and I could not configure the throttle, when you step from manual to auto throttle immediately sets full.
    anyone have the full parameter list for this plane? or what can I do to set the  throttle manual?

  • @Andrew,

    Thanks! That is very helpful, what steps have you taken to dampen vibrations?

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    Sure, I fly nitro planes all the time in all modes, including auto missions. Have a look at some of the recommended settings in this page.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • Hi, has anyone successful flown fully autonomous with a nitro plane? My concern is tuning the throttle. 

    Also, has anyone autonomously taken off and landed a nitro plane with APM?

  • Hi to all, this is Fotos from my Piper 


  • Hi Mark . Thank you for your response  Have you try with the code with manual stabilize in recent versions of code. you stabilize once in work bench , and at the field you keep the plane stable during the start up and ardupilot mega setup ? or try to make a wood stand for  field , useful also with car transferring .. :-)  ( I make for my self one  but after 2 first flight . Just to ensure that flight going well , and the stand is useful :-)  )  I send a message to Mr R Lefebvre for  Cub parameters .

    Keep in touch ..


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    No progress I went to a smaller Super CUB, But no flights, I would always calibrate level with tail raised off ground so true flying altitude is set. As a tail dragger you need to do this until a parameter is created for this offset angle. Robert Lefebvre has the best Params for CUBs as he has flown his,  Cherrs

  • Hi to all friends in NItro- Gas Group . I start to setup a Piper Cub CMPRO  with  26cc gas engine ( in break in position at test bed)  and a "Heart" of APM v1.4  ( code 2.68). I update with fotos soon as i finish my equipment attach . So i want to kindly ask if Mark fly his Piper, and if he have the parameters file to share with us .  Archagel06 i saw your video and look very good responding from APM . What flight modes you try ? 

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Vibration issues?

I just ordered a APM 2.0 to put on my .46 trainer. Although I am concerned about vibrations being an issue with the IMU. Is this an issue at all? I have heard of using a sample Tempur-Pedic mattress foam to isolate the APM from the airframe. Does this work?Also, do you guys do anything to your engine mounts to dampen the vibrations? Thanks,Grant

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