I've just finished independently autotuning pitch and roll for my little quadcopter (Emax 2204-2300, 6030, 310mm, 702g) however, the quadcopter is unstable using these values while in Autotune mode for yaw. The P for roll is 10.18, and the P for pitch is 1.87. The quad crashed while Autotuning for yaw and will be in the shop while the epoxy cures.

Thoughts on the roll and pitch values?

Are they reasonable?3691316078?profile=original

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  • Recalibrated the axis and level, as well as moved some components closer to the center of the quadcopter, then ran autotune for roll, pitch, and yaw again. Feels much more stable now. No crashes. PIDs from second Autotune are:3702294680?profile=originalQuestion: what the experienced eye can glean from these values in terms of craft properties, balance and stability?

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