Does the Pixhawk have a record function?

Hey guys,A quick question about the pixhawk. Before I buy one, I want to know if there is a way to record a guided fligh and have the pixhawk simply repeat the control inputs? For example, could I set a "record" style command and fly a route, land, then set a "play" command and have the tricopter simply autonomously repeat what I just did? If not, would there be any devs capable of adding such a feature for adurover and/or adupiliot?Thanks in advance,Steve

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  • As of now, I don't think the current firmware supports it, but it would certainly be a nice feature to have, especially when planning missions.

  • Masha Allah, that's a good question Steve, I am sure a lot of us would be keen to have that facility too, following with interest.

    Good luck,
  • That is a frequently requested feature. I'm sure I saw it on github, but a quick search only brought up this
  • Steve
    You can setup multiple waypoints in mission planner.. you can have hundreds of pre planned missions. Once you get to the area that you want check out..
    Open mission planner ,, open saved mission files and pick what ever mission you have figured out...

    The pixhawk will run that mission or flight plan as many times as you want until you clear the mission or upload a new saved mission...

    Hope this helps
    • Hey Rodney,

      Thanks for the quick reply. I know I can preprogram a route in mission planner, but can I have the pixhawk recordy control inputs or even just my flight path (x,y,z / time) so that I can save it as a mission for me to use at a later time?

      Thanks again,

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