I've got a Turnigy 9X (TGY9x) transmitter that I have been using for basic control for about 6 months. I am still using a stock ROM in the transmitter. I would like to add multiple Flight Mode switching ability. This would ideally take advantage of the F.MODE 3-position switch. I have reviewed most if not all of the YouTube videos on this topic and still have not met with "total" success. Many of these tutorials were written w/out PPM encoders in the craft avionics. I also suspect that there may be a variety of stock ROMs out there as well that affect results.

Question(s): What transmitters are folks running w/their Pixhawks? Is the TGY9x a widely used unit for the DIY and custom build crowd? Are the TGY9x custom ROMs worth the time (and risk) of installing? Thanks in advance...

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  • Many thanks for the responses and suggestions regarding issues getting my stock Turnigy 9x to switch between multiple Pixhawk Flight Modes. I suspect that I'll either be just flashing a new custom ROM, or doing this in conjunction with a motherboard upgrade. Please feel free to continue posting your ideas as well as additional transmitter solutions that people have implemented. Thanks again.

  • The real issue with the 9x (at least with my TH9X) is the Gear/Gyr switch is "hard coded" to Channel 5 (AUX1).

    When you do the custom mix thing, its output cannot be assigned to AUX1.

    Consequently, regardless of the receiver you use you have to find a way to tie the mix channel (in my case Channel 6 ) to where Pixhawk expects flight mode changes, namely Channel 5/AUX1.  So, to do this you must use a PPM encoder and connect the receiver channel 6 output to the PPM encoder channel 5 input.  In this configuration you loose TWO channels.  Channel 6 is used for flight mode changes, and Channel 5/AUX1 is not available for anything...  Also, because channel 6 is being used for mode changes, if you want to use InFight Tuning you have to set it up on channel 7 or 8 in the radio and then connect that channel output to the channel 6 input on the PPM encoder.

    BTDT, bought a Taranis.  Now every thing is where is should be, and I can even use RCIN functions for things like landing gear control (which is really cool when the Pixhawk goes into Land mode and the gear comes down automatically) and gimbal control.

    With that said, if you are on a budget, upgrading the system board and using a Fr Sky XJT TX/X8R RX combo may be a better option.

  • Hi Glen, I use A TGY 9x with my pixhawk with a FrSky module and an S-bus receiver. The Pixhawk needs a Cppm or Sbus input from the receiver so the stock 9x module/rx wont work without a ppm encoder... I'm not sure by your question I you knew this already.. or is there a way around this? anyway...

    I use ER9X firmware in my transmitter.. It's an easy upgrade and literally transforms this generic transmitter into something comparable to the very best out there (taranis, Futaba etc)

    Here is how I mix 6 flight modes in ER9X using 3pos+2pos (AIL) switch:

    CH8     100 HALF  ID0

            +  60 HALF   ID1

            +  20 HALF   ID2

            *  100 FULL   AIL

    Hope this helps a bit...  Good luck and have fun !!

  • I have used a Fly Sky TH9X and a PPM encoder.   By using 3 custom mixes and two switches, I had 3 flight modes. This configuration was adequate, but not ideal. 

    There are "drop in" replacement boards for the 9x radios:



    However, I went with a Taranis and bought an X9E Tray.

    To get telemetry sorted I added a Craft and Theory Telemetry Interface.

    I still use the Th9X to fly my helis...

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    Hi Glen,

    I have the 9XR which is similar and did a detailed DIY on 6 position switch as you are trying to. Not sure if the XR firmware is much different I used to have a 9X that broke and I recall they were pretty similar.

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