Hello, I have a problem with my roll in my Pixhawk on my drone. Picture show what happen. This is was done when drone stay completely still. Only launch it and wait when this happen to record clear log. 

Once it happened in air. That was terrible. 

I see some relation with altitude. But can't understand why altitude increase when it stays in one position and how it could influence to roll or to sensor.


Logs attached (.bin , .tlog). 

Can anybody help me.

Thanks a lot

80 01.01.2000 1-04-30.bin

2016-11-13 16-06-52.tlog

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  • I use clone of Pixhawk from Aliexpress. It looks preaty good copy. Below is my board:


  • 100KM

    Oh, I misread that - if it happened with good GPS lock then it throws my theory out.

    Looking at your Gyro's X reading from IMU 1 - it clearly registers a roll. IMU 2's Gyro X shows nothing though - I think it should agree? What controller are you using exactly?


  • I thought about, what if I turn off EK2. My EKF still be working. What do you think?

  • Thanks,Hein du Plessis

    I'll try. 

    Strange, as mentioned, once,  I had problem in fly, when GPS was good. 

  • 100KM

    Hi Artem

    I had a quick look - it's definitely due to EKF errors. Try the exercise again outside, with good GPS lock. I found that indoors with bad GPS lock I get a lot of EKF errors.

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