Immersion RC VTX and Minim OSD Wiring

Hoping someone can advise me on this: I have an Immersion RC VTX and trying to rig it up with my Minim OSD. The attached diagram (first one) shows how to do this but the difference is that Immersion RC VTX has a separate power supply input (see second attachment). Can anyone tell me how I wire this up with Minim OSD?

Thanks in advance,



Immersion RC.PNG

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  • Just to close out this issue - everything is now sorted. Turns out that the Minim OSD board was bad. Got a replacement and all is good.


  • Hi Jacques,

    Please find in file attached a diagram will probably help you




    • Bonjour Claude!

      Many thanks for the diagram. I have tried that with some temporary wiring/plugs and I am now getting a very vague picture (looks like heavy interference). I will try a bit more again shortly, maybe I have poor contact somewhere. When I bypass the OSD board I get a perfect picture, so it's not an issue of channel selection on my monitor.

      Thanks again, I think I am getting closer.

      By the way, where did you find that diagram?


    • Hi Jacques

      I will advise you to pay attention at Polarity with MinimOSD (l Already lost one...)

      Then also pay attention to properly init OSD to powered it after Pixhawk

      Have this Diagram since a year l guess found on Internet Forum


  • In my case I used a regulator to get a 12v clean power supply from the flight battery.  

    From the regulator provide a common ground to both the video tx and the OSD board.  Then provide +12v to each device.

    • Hi Harry - thanks for your reply, but I'm still struggling.

      There are 6 pins on the OSD board for the camera and VTX and I really don't know what goes where. Some questions:

      The ground into the VTX - does it matter which one (there are grounds on both input and output sides)?

      The positive supply to the VTX - is that for the side shown as "Batt"? I assume so, as the output is only 5V? In that case, does the 5V output actually go anywhere?

      And the 3 camera connections - do they go to the OSD board as per the diagram I attached?



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