Hi all

Looking to replace my Pixhawk that died when an ESC went into meltdown and dumped batter voltage up the signal wire and just cannot afford the cost of the genuine items so was looking to the Chinese clones, I then stumbled across these 

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331784307248 and at under £50 quite a bit cheaper than the usual Chinese clones, but was concerned by the reference in the description to German & Russian firmware.

Anyone know anything about these, are they fully compatible with Pixhawk and Mission Planer and the normal APM firmware normally used.

I know you get what you pay for and if you buy cheap you buy twice, but I need to get something to replace my smoked Pixhawk and just cannot justify the cost of the genuine item at the moment.

Thanks for any help with this

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  • Here is more info the unit you mentioned:


    • And that is a more believable price too: $164

  • There really is no such thing as genuine anyway. It is open source. 3DR stood behind their quality more than others.

    That may be fine, and it may also contain the cheapest parts imaginable with cheap solder and questionable QA. You pays you money and takes your choice. Personally if I was looking for something cheaper I would go for an HKPilot32. Hobbyking are generally ok and they have more of a reputation to uphold than an anonymous ebay store or even the likes of Banggood and Goodluckbuy. They know that people will talk of they sell a lots of blatantly faulty units.

    You may also want to look at the different form factors. Pixfalcon from Holybro (do not get them from GLB, fakes apparently) and Pixhack are also supposed to be good.

    But if you do get one like that just check the board with a magnifying glass to make sure the soldering is ok and test it carefully. At that price you are going to have to do some of your own QA.

    If you want quality I would look at Drotek, but they are not using DF13 so you would have some crimping to do and they are not cheap.

    Good luck

  • I do not know what it will take to come up with the money,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,do not buy a clone !!!!!!!!  First you have no support which you will need one way or the other. Is your machine worth loosing or put into peices on the ground ? I was also in your position and after allot of research I waited. Also try to find a possible used (real) one. Just my 2 cents worth.

    • This makes no sense BTW. It is an open source project. This is not a clone as such.

      It just may be too cheap to be sure it is of adequate quality.

      The idea that you have to buy 3DR to be sure it ok is moot now and they will be outsourcing to China as well as their factories in Mexico are closed.

      I think think an HKPilot32 is probably just fine.....

  • I would like to know this too...

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