I am Gene S.

I am putting together  ( S-500 ) carbon fiber Drone My first do-it self,  I got a Pixhawk GPS SE 100 kit., A  DragonRider Dark, FPV Tranmitter 5.8GHz. 40 Ch.+ 2 5.8 Antennas Set. + I have 90% of the mounts wires, Will one you know more I Do tell I am missing? I have my motors, ESC, Props 10.5", I need to know the rest of Electronics I need ? to get before I start putting all together? I have a Fly Sky, 6ch. transmitter, FS-T6, & receiver.   SOME HELP?  With Some Info on I am missing ?  I like to get a setup get it come back on one button return setup?  do I need to get I have some of the parts tell Me the rest of the parts A list of them ? ? If one of you have a look I have now tell is Missing to make it start up FLY IT.  I be Happy. just to get this far  ?

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  • Battery,

    battery wires and/or current/voltage sensor,

    power distribution board and maybe another voltage regulator board if you need 5v for cameras and don't want to run them off of the pixhawk's power.  https://www.ebay.com/i/272557603567?chn=ps

    ESC's, motors, props.

    Pixhawk, GPS

    Data transmitter if you plan to monitor it on a PC or Android

    Video camera, video On Screen Display (OSD), video transmitter, video receiver, video monitor and battery

    If you have a second camera, then, camera#2, gimbal, video switcher.


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