Julian, CA

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Old Man 65 having a new life? I had RC car's I don'y time do a alpine, Drone's are looking like a way see new things in a place I lived All my Life san Diego, Calf.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I doing my first Drone S500 500mm, carbon fiber just to see if I can do it? 100% Do not know I am Doing I See It this way if stand in one spot, you never get to a new place.I work on cars all my life and RC cars started I was hooked lost all in a fire. New a Drone So I am moving to a new life this will be a part of it. looking a new way to make $ Drone's are a way. flying one I like to do make $$ as well.



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Gene Stribling posted a discussion in PIXHAWK
I am Gene S.I am putting together  ( S-500 ) carbon fiber Drone My first do-it self,  I got a Pixhawk GPS SE 100 kit., A  DragonRider Dark, FPV Tranmitter 5.8GHz. 40 Ch.+ 2 5.8 Antennas Set. + I have 90% of the mounts wires, Will one you know more I…
Feb 22, 2018