Pixhawk and bad health compass

Hello everyone,

I am using ArduCopter v3.2.1. As I looked at the Flight Plan HUD screen on MP, I see the picture of the quad not in the location it should be. It might be a few feet away from where it should be, and the orientation of the quad, that is the two long solid colored lines, is not in the right direction as well. I had calibrated the compass and had got the message that it had captured all points successfully. The message Bad Health Compass comes up on and off. At times, it is off, but then, the message comes back again. I placed the Telemetry antenna away from the compass to prevent any interference. I am not sure if this is a glitch or faulty compass.

Thanks for any tip provided to fix this issue.

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  • Make sure you selected the right type of compass/GPS, I had that problem in the past becuase.

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