Pixhawk control issues


I'm having issues with my PX4-based quad. I get it armed and motors spin normally, they are all in the correct order since I get it off the ground more or less smoothly. I can get it off the ground and move it back and forth, left or right with some degree of control but I can't get it to YAW as expected, also when I give it yaw command it goes up, also with only throttle it spins CW or CCW with no particular preference.

I'm really lost, I calibrated compass many times and they both (internal and gps) seem to be working fine and in APM Planner I see the horizon consistent to the quads position.

This is my HW:

  • 3DR PX4, GPS, PM and Mavlik modules.
  • Scorpion SII-2212-1070KV
  • Hobbywing Skywalker-40A
  • Flahed two days ago
  • Planner 2.0.18

Here's a log for my last build



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