Pixhawk Copter "Bad Accel Health"

I’m going to setup the Pixhawk now, but I continue to receive errors of "Bad Accel Health" or “inconsistent compass”. I'm doing the setup indoor.
I already updated the Firmware (with Craft and Theory build for the telemetry cable, but the issue was the same before this flashing), and I also already re-calibrated the accels, but the issue is still present.
Do you have any idea about what could be the problem? Could it be a hardware problem?

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    • Thanks Tony,

      very helpful. Meanwhile I found those parameters but anyway I needed your confirmations.

      I will try to arm it outdoors with pre-arm checks, then with one and the other IMUs inactive.

      Will let you know. Thanks again.

  • Hi

    Its probably just because you are in doors, take it outside and all will be well once its got a proper lock.


    • Thanks Paul. I will try it as soon as it stops raining.

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