Pixhawk on Manned Fixed Wing

I'm trying to determine feasability fo making a decent reliable camera rig for a small single engine fixed wing like a Cessna 172

I would like to use a full frame high quality camera, gimbal wouldn't be necessary.

I'm thinking there could be a way to utilize pixhawk to trigger the camera, record gps info, and relay positional information to a screen for the pilot in order to hand fly the flight lines on some larger surveys.

I haven't been able to find any information of people who have already done something similar, and buying Applanix IMU and camera system isn't in the cards.

I do know the legalities of airframe modifications, so please don't comment on that aspect.

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  • I'd keep everything inside the cockpit/cabin except for wherever you'd need to place the camera to get a clear shot and have it on a longer lead for the trigger, besides that you could possibly do the whole thing into a neat little box for the dash - GPS + Pixhawk + small battery with an Android phone/tablet running tower.

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