Power module connection

Hi all,Just a simple question:Which side of the module shall be connected to battery? (Ref Image attached).A. Right connectorC. Left connectorD. Either one ( right or left)Thank you for your help.


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  • Well, I think the term male and female gets ambiguous with these particular connectors.  On my batteries from 3DR, the connector on the battery has a yellow plastic portion that fits inside the yellow plastic connector on the current sensor.  However, the battery's yellow plastic connector contains two female receptacles, and connects to metal pins on the current sensor's connector.   An XT-60 is considered a "male" connector when it has metal male pins, even though the yellow plastic shround on a male connector fits over, not in, the female's yellow plastic shroud.  So, the battery is a female connector, and plugs into the male connector, which is on the right in that photo.  



    So, just to be clear, though male and female have to be addressed specifically, the right side is where the battery would connect.  

  • The battery is a male connector. You will connect to the female connector (right side)

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