Prioriy levels for flightmodes

Good day all

I am busy building my second drone :



2312 motors

9450 propellers


RXSR receiver

I have done a successful maiden flight, but I would like to test some of the autonomous

flight modes as I have programmed into the pixhawk. I am very cautious to create a situation

where my drone can fly-away !!! And this raised a question with me about how I can 

regain control of my drone if RTL was activated. I was told that there are priority levels assigned

to the flight modes but I cannot find it on google. What this person suggested was , if RTL has the

highest priority, then no other flight mode can override that. 

So the question is :

If RTL was activated, can I regain control if I am within range ? What happens if the trigger for RTL was a low battery ? If I see my drone frying off, how can I then stop it ??

Any comments would be appreciated !



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  • Good day all

    My second drone setup:

    F450 frame
    2312 motors
    Bl-Heli32 (40A) ESC
    9450S props
    RXSR Frsky receiver
    Pixhawk 2.4.8 ( running APM copter V3.5.5 )
    M8N GPS
    CADDX Turbo SDR1 1200TVL camera
    TBS Unify Pro 5G8 HV Race (MMCX) VTX
    MiniOSD for Mavlink OSD on FPV
    FPV running on separate PDB from 3S

    I have tested the automatic functions ( loiter , stabilise , Alt hold, Stabilise-simple, landing and RTL ) and they all work well.

    I did however notice that you have to be READY if you want to interrupt a RTL. If you switch from RTL to stabilise, then your controller-gymbals are now active again and depending on their settings, you might find your copter shooting up or starting a fall !!!! So be prepared. ( Just writing this for anyone that should look this up that is also building a pixhawk drone for the first time !! )

    So, yeah .. thanks for the comment Javier.

    This then is phase I and phase II complete !!

    Next up:

    Phase III : telemetry to my Taranis

    Phase IV : Telemetry to Mission Planner


  • Hi Javier

    Many thanks for your response. That gives me some comfort when I go and test all the functions that I have programmed in.

    If RTL does go flying off when I test RTL, then I can regain control.

    Will report back when I have tested the automatic functions.

    Regards !

  • Hi John,

    If you're using a radio, just change mode with one of the radio sticks as usual. It will override the RTL.

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