Most quadcopters have motors where the propeller is situated on top and the motors pull air down and through. I am interested in building a quadcopter with the motors above the propellers. Is this simply a matter of building a frame with appropriate mounts, putting motors on inverted in the standard rotations (#1 upper right = ccw, #2 lower left =ccw,... etc.), but then putting the pusher and puller props on in reverse locations? This makes sense...unless I am missing something. Anything in the Pixhawk setup that I'd need to adjust? Thanks in advance.

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  • GothaB-%2020July_sm_zpsuev680ff.jpgOkay, I think I've gotten it. Flies with cw/ccw props in correct location, orientation, and rotation with upper surface mated properly to the downward facing motor using a spacer.

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    That's a no-go, probably won't have enough thrust to get off the ground.  Why don't you post a picture, we may be able to help.

  • Okay, I've just finished the fuselage and have mounted the motors. I've just noticed that the props only fit on the motors one way, when flipped over the leading-trailing edges impinge with the motor housing and cannot be properly seated. I assume that spinning a CCW or CW prop backwards is non-ideal given the airfoil aspect of the prop...correct? However the prop is basically a fan so I assume that I'd still get some air in the desired direction. Does anyone have experience with spinning props reverse to their intended direction?

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    Hi Glenn,

    as Stephen said the only thing you have to do is to reverse the spin direction. 


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    Glenn-  Actually, you will want to keep the prop direction exactly the same as a standard quad.  Instead, reverse the spin direction of the motors.  Since they are mounted upsidedown, this will make them spin the props in the correct direction.  When looking down at the frame from above, make sure the motors and props all spin in the same direction as a standard quad.  This will require no settings changes, as it will be functionally the same as a traditional setup.

    Here is a pretty good thread on this topic. (I would ignore posts by "OG" though.)

    • That is a pretty useful thread. I am intrigued by the performance improvements as well as the configuration options that may be opened using a "lawnmower" setup. Thanks.

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