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Hi all,

So I was watching a video about the pixhawk and the guy claimed that you could plug a satellite receiver to the pixhawk and use it alone as the receiver. Is this true? I would have thought that you'd need a normal receive, like an AR6210, as well. If I could just use a sat receiver that would make things super convenient, plus, I've got some cheap orangeRX ones on the way anyway. 

Also, just as a general question, what is your opinion of Spektrum products? I see that lots of people use FrSky and other brands, but not too much Spektrum. What's the general consensus? 

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  • Awesome, thank you for the info. I got my orangeRX receivers and I do believe they have to be bound to the transmitter through a different receiver before they can be used standalone, or at least that's the only way I got them to work. But they work great and they're suuuuper tiny, which I like. I'll have to range test them though. 

  • Yes, you can just plug in a satellite to the port on top of the Pixhawk - I was surprised as well when I got a 3DR X8 and was looking for the Rx, only to find a tiny thing plugged into the top.

    From the docs it seems above a certain number of channels you need to use the Rx for binding.

    I'm a Taranis guy, so I'm not sure if I want to pickup a Spektrum module for the back of the Tx, or switch the Rx to X8R - probably the latter for additional telemetry info, but it's a cool option for Spektrum/DSM people.

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      The Spektrum Remote Satellite Receiver is notoriously short on range and I only use them on my rovers which will not fall out of the sky and will go into the Hold Mode with loss of the R/C signal.

      For Planes and Multicopters I would recommend a full up R/C receiver and a PPM encoder.



    • Thanks for the advice Thomas, that pretty much settles the direction I was going in

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