Good day all

As you may have seen on other discussions, I have completed phase-II of my second drone.

Just to recap my setup:

F450 frame
2312 motors
Bl-Heli32 (40A) ESC
9450S props
RXSR Frsky receiver
Pixhawk 2.4.8 ( running APM copter V3.5.5 )
CADDX Turbo SDR1 1200TVL camera
TBS Unify Pro 5G8 HV Race (MMCX) VTX
MiniOSD for Mavlink OSD on FPV
FPV running on separate PDB from 3S

Main power 4S

Taranis QX7

Tested automatic functions ( loiter , RTL etc .. etc ) and all seems well.

I have also configured all the failsafes :

GCS : this controlles behaviour if control is lost from Mission Planner

Battery : RTL when bat V = 14.4 (4S)

Radio failsafe ( PWM values ) 



Geofence ( enabled via channel 8) from controller

This makes provision for loss of signal from my radio ( Radio failsafe ), but I was hoping

to configure an RSSI limit where I can instruct my drone to RTL.

I have been googling for this but I am very confused with what I am reading. It seems that

I have to send the RSSI value to my drone from my Taranis via channel 8 to the pixhawk?

Surely that info is already sent from RXSR to pixhawk via SBUS?

I was hoping that the pixhawk will pick up the RSSI value from the SBUS info on the receiver ?

I also cannot find an RSSI-threshold of some sorts under the parameter lists ??

Am I missing something ? Please !!!!



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