smoking happened during pixhawk+6s battery connecting

hi! everyone!

i read in this site, to connect the pixhawk with 6s battery, many people usually use atto pilot

power module. but someone informed that the Crius power module was good without further soldering


so i bought it and connected it with pixhawk today. 

however, upon connecting with battery to Crius power module, i can see some smoke around 

the power module and there was no power signal in the pixhawk. i was very surprised and disconnect

the battery cable from power module.

what's the problem with my wiring? as i know, the Crius power module can accept the battery 

volate by 28V and 90A(max), so i estimated there will be no problem to connect it directly

to the battery side.

fortunately, there seemed to be no damage of pixhawk.

attached pls find my wiring capture today!



pls advise me what's the reason of smoking and how should i do the wiring without problem.


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  • i have had this happen to me before with Cirrus Power module on 6s . my solution buy another one and try again the quality controll on those are terrible . you have to get a magnafying glass and inspect all the solder joins before you plug it in. better luck next time.

  • On my 6S build I used this:

    Awesome quality. He also has a 50A and 100A.

    • He is out of stock of everything, which looks like he is no longer selling them.

      Also odd that they need an additional separate BEC to work, kind of defeats the object really 


  • Hi

    If you look at the specs for the one listed below

    you will see that although it says 30v 90A the Description still say 4Cell Pack max

    I wonder if some of these Crius are labelled incorrectly 

    I have one on order myself so will be watching any follow-ups for more knowledgeable users 


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