It has come to our attention, that there is an anomaly with sensor readings on some recent cubes. This notification will be modified multiple times a day!!! Please check often.

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  • Developer
    EDIT: 27th of April 2019: Ardupilot has now added detection, prearm checking, and inflight checking and failover to the redundant sensors. This is now in Release Copter and Release Plane.
    Detection of the fault has also been added to Mission Planner, and QGC latest. Mission planner now collects information on this fault if you are willing to send it to us.
    As such, we are reducing this service bulletin to **flight is possible under the following conditions**:
    1. You MUST run Latest Ardupilot RELEASE code.
    2. You must use latest Mission Planner or Latest QGC
    3. If QGC or Mission planner flags your code, contact your local re-seller, and log the issue. DO NOT FLY TILL I HAVE PERSONALLY CHECKED YOUR LOGS, and either given the go ahead, or, organised what we will do next in your case.
    4.Further flight is only to be conducted where you have carried out a full risk assessment on the implications of a failure occurring, the new code is good... but it should not be relied upon as your only means of protection. You must not fly over people, you must not fly over critical infrastructure, you must also take responsibility for your payload and vehicle.
    **Failure to comply with these requirements may lead to serious damage, injury, or death.**
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    Thankyou very much 

  • Developer

    Thanks, but I would still suggest making it just the link.

    in a year from now, will you still be wanting to manually edit this if more information comes to light? 

  • I updated the post..

  • Developer

    All 2019 cubes are grounded till further notice. 

  • Developer

    You have posted out of date information.

    please only post the link to the correct information. 

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