• Thanks Simon

    The GPS leds are not visable from a distance.

    Also coming from a Dji Fc, you dont realise how reassusing it is having that bright LED flashing from the back for the craft, until its not there!

    I have an old PixHack external LED/USB modual, which I have connected to the I2c port of PH2.1 but does not seem to be communicating.. do i need to setup an I2c bus for LED?

    Maybe a stretch but.. I wonder if the old wookong LED can hacked and used ith the PH2.1?

    Thanks !

  • The GPS that comes with the PH2.1 includes highly visible FC status leds. Otherwise any I2C based status LED module for Pixhawk will work. You can get those anywhere they sell accessories for the Pixhawk/PH2.1 though make sure you choose something with the right connector or you have what's needed to solder your own.

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