Come here to discuss the new Pixhawk2.1 By ProfiCNC

here is their official website:

The Pixhawk2.1 is the new and improved version of this great flight controller and autopilot. It has all the features of its predecessor with added sensor redundancy , more expansion options, better cold weather resistance, modular design, RTK GPS support and optional support for Intel Edison companion computer.

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  • RCJunkie - Pixhawk has i2c connectivity, perhaps an i2c relay board would do the trick:

    sorry for late reply

    2-Channel Relay Controller for I2C
    <p>The MCP23008 Port Expander (from Microchip) offers an excellent platform for I2C relay control.</p><p>This 2-channel relay controller dedicates 2…
  • I should also mention that I'm out of channels available to simply do it via transmitter switch...

  • Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know how to get the relay output function to activate/deactivate based on arming/disarming respectively?  I'd like my nav lights to come on when the bird is armed, and turn off when disarmed, but have yet to find a way to do it.

  • Thanks Paul, but that's a thing cant get either one, there are no simple ones for sale and the Edison one are sold out....  I've actually managed to crash mine so the front part of the pcb folded up.... (tight space used it without the case) 

  • sure can.
    I managed to blow out a power connector (detached from the board) reflowing didn't seem to work... replacement board (non-Edison) was also a lot cheaper

    just looked it up...bought mine from

    Carrier Board - Standard Version
    <p><strong>MPN: HX4-06061</strong></p> <p> </p> <p>The carrier board allows you to break out the full functionality of the Cube.</p>
  • Hey guys/gals, does anyone know if it is possible to purchase a basic carrier board without the cube?  

  • was heavy into the early days of electric RC cars.... needed a cheap radio link for a robotics thing you knew I had 10+RC cars and a crap load of trophies and ribbons. Was heavy into mfr/designing/marketing custom electronics for the industry back then. (power side)...didn't realize the hobby simply 'left the ground' (got airborne...literally) Doing for autonomy...I was attempting in the late 80s trying to keep a road car pinned to the inside wall of a race track. Now it's just all 3D (and a hell of a lot cheaper $$!)

  • wow, love the router.. Extra heavy duty! I see you've been tinkering a lot over the years. So from Cars to drones? . I've studied Agriculture, college level mechanical engineering and now I have 1 year left in Industrial electronics, also college level. I've only worked on lightweight projects up to now (except for my house).

  • ha ha ... (? advanced user ?)
    nah...just a fellow madman geek... LOVE to experiment

    my normal work looks more like

    home designed/built FI on 40 year old cars   GT6 engine set back in the frame 6" in a '75 Spitfire

    and stuff like

    will probably be cutting CF soon for my own frame design

  • I'm glad you are in here with me: I can certainly use advice from an advanced user like you.. As for my purchase, I guess I got super lucky; too bad I have no idea what to do with an Edison Chip. I suppose at some point I will want to tinker with a companion computer but for now I will be quite content with achieving autonomous flight on my fixed wing aircraft.

    This is the first plane I will attempt to automate with my new PH2.1:

    She's called the Junco3 , has a wingspan of 48 inches, weighs 2600Gr. (5 lbs 12 oz) and is powered by two 45 Amp setups in 3s (35-30 1400Kv with 10x4.7 props). Her cubic wingload is about 10.5 so she's a very aggressive flyer but flies 'on rails'. She has flaps for slower landings.
    I will post pictures next week (my mother has my camera) but here is a CAD drawing:

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2 GPS Setup

I am little confused about two GPS setup. 1. My main GPS is a "Here GNSS" with 8 pin connector which will go into GPS-1 Port.2. Now the 2nd GPS port on Pixhawk 2 is 7 PIN connector!Do I need a specialized GPS for the 2nd GPS? or I can order a "Here GNSS GPS" with a 7 pin connector? if yes from where?Furthermore, are there any GPS extension cables available for "Here GNSS" GPS?. The standard length is not enough for my application.Lastly, do I have to do anything special inside the Mission…

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Moving from Mikrokopter to Pixhawk 2.1

Hi I am starting to build new octocopter based on Pixhawk 2.1. I have few years of experience in building and flying custom Mikrokopter copters. All advices are welcome ! What are the biggest differences between this autopilots ? I am sure that same users of this forum changed their autopilot for Pixhawk 2.1 from Mikrokopter ? I am reading the ardupilot copter docs but that can be not enough. First build will be flat octocopter for testing with MK 3638 motors, Flame 80a ESCs, 12" propellers…

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Pretty big crash today. error radio-2. Large quad 40" rotors

Hello All,    Had a pretty rough go of it today. We were flying at 8-10 feet today, doing a little tuning in stabilize mode. Craft was looking more stable than it ever has. Entered forward flight, came to a stop in a hover at about 8 feet. Suddenly craft pitched back oscillated heavily for a bit, then crashed upside down. In the Log it says ERR: RADIO-2. It also FSed into land mode, which is what crashed it. Was working on PID settings to transfer to the other flight modes. I cant find any…

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