Oceanside, CA

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Have several small and large RC heli's and am interested in multicopters and autonomous flight.



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RC Junkie left a comment on Pixhawk2.1
"I should also mention that I'm out of channels available to simply do it via transmitter switch..."
Feb 19, 2018
RC Junkie left a comment on Pixhawk2.1
"Hi everyone,
Does anyone know how to get the relay output function to activate/deactivate based on arming/disarming respectively?  I'd like my nav lights to come on when the bird is armed, and turn off when disarmed, but have yet to find a way to do…"
Feb 19, 2018
RC Junkie commented on elad orbach's blog post Crowdfund A Collapsible RC Tricopter
"The calc equation is the fundamental PID controller equation, its what most IMU based controllers use at their core.  The other two are just prop power and thrust equations."
Nov 2, 2013
RC Junkie posted a discussion
Hey all,I'm wondering what you all think the design of this new APM powered TriCopter:      http://VisionAerial.com/SwitchBlade~Thanks in Advance.
Oct 20, 2013