This is the first plane I will attempt to automate with my new PH2.1: She's called the Junco3 , has a wingspan of 48 inches, weighs 2600Gr. (5 lbs 12 oz) and is powered by two 45 Amp setups in 3s (35-30 1400Kv with 10x4.7 props). Her cubic wingload is about 10.5 so she's a very aggressive flyer but flies 'on rails'. She has flaps for slower landings. She is built of foamboard in good Flitetest tradition and cost about 10$ in raw materials


3691345938?profile=originalShow and tell at a local science fair

3691346106?profile=originalBuild1: The sub-frame

3691346011?profile=original3691346127?profile=original3691346158?profile=originalBuild2: The wing

3691346032?profile=originalLanding gear

3691346179?profile=originalsexy rear end view

3691346148?profile=originaltail view

3691346192?profile=originalright Powerplant : 35-30 1400Kv with 9x4.7 prop  running on 3s

3691346204?profile=originalBehind its predecessor : the Junco II

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  • Maiden flight, Manual control and line of sight... My first flight of the season, trying to land on a narrow strip with water on either sides = bad landing.. broke the tail but was easily fixed. This was with my fake Pixhawk (2.4.8 from BG) that never worked correctly. The Pitot tube reported a max airspeed of 108Kph: She was a handful lol I am goind to install the PH2.1 soon but i'm waiting on parts from China to fix a few things.

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